Give Me Some Best Vlogging Guides

Do you have the need share your life experiences with the world? Start your television show? Become famous? Yes, you can. Vlogging is the latest and trending interactive technology online right now. Everyone has brilliant ideas, but it is all about the manifestation.

To get started on vlogging first you must have a digital camera or any other type of camera with a movie feature on it. Most people probably think that once you have the camera, you are set to go. Vlogging, just like any other job, career or hobby, you must have the passion, drive and most of all that spark of an idea, creativity, and curiosity.

It is not that hard. Once you get the basics, you can go. At first, you may be uncomfortable, but after a couple of videos, you will get used to the process.

Let's get started.

1. The video camera.

First of all, the camera you purchase needs to be of top notch quality. A good vlogging camera is one that encompasses a flip screen, microphone, WiFi and has an excellent performance in low light. For any successful vlog, it's all about the quality of the video.

2. Video editing software.

Some videos before being published, they need to be polished. You may want to display a written message while the video is playing, or having it in black and white or even cutting off some characters. Here can only be possible with a video editing software.

3. The blog.

If you have not noticed, the word vlogging comes from two words, video and blog. You need to have that personal site (blog) to publish your video. You can also create a youtube channel; it will increase your audience.

4. Shooting the video

The perfect length of vlogs is 2 - 5 minutes. Any shorter video will not relay much information, and long videos may make you lose the audience.

Always have a headline and key points for the vlog. If you have a lot to say, consider breaking it into episodes of short videos.

Try to speak naturally, like you are talking to a friend. Memorize your lines; you may even rehearse if need be.

Be at your best when taking the videos. Make sure you look good. It usually makes a huge difference.

Take a deep breath and shoot. Remember, conversation and clarity are key.

Lastly, ensure that you are still when taking the video, no one wants to see a blurry scene. Also be certain that the lighting is perfect.

5. Review and publish

If the video does not need any editing, then you can now upload it on your blog or youtube channel and make sure to create a catchy descriptive title.

Here is just a guide on how to go about vlogging. This industry is evolving night and day. It is all about practice and experience. The more videos you publish or upload, the better you get at it. But keep in mind that it is always with the camera and your idea. More follow for details

Three Best Vlogging Camera Ideas

Vlogging has seen an explosion in popularity over recent years and with that trend set to continue there have never been more cameras catering to the Vloggers equipment needs. What then are the Three Best Vlogging Camera Ideas on the market?


The canon PowerShot tops this list because it offers great value for money to those new to Vlogging while retaining plenty of features to satisfy the most advanced Vloggers needs. Built in WiFi and a rechargeable ion lithium battery means this camera is perfect for vlogging while on the move. Powered by CANON DIGIC5 image processing this camera offers high power and speed. A 3-inch touch screen makes it easy to use with 5x optical zoom, and it's effectiveness in low light conditions are a real plus. Captures 1080p quality video keeping any Vloggers content quality high.



The Panasonic is smaller than most top cameras on the Vloggers market but this in no way affects it's placed as a top Vloggers camera. Automatic and precise focusing to track the on screen subject and 4k video shoot capability make this camera attractive to those with a lot of action in their Vlogs. Interchangeable lenses allow for multiple video options, and WiFi capability means instant uploads to any Vlog.



The Sony FDRAX33 is the most versatile on the list and can come with many features to get the best to your Vlog. Image stabilizers, image resolution, manual control ring for white balance, exposure and Direct Pixel read out to help with color gradation and ensuring smooth edges to the 4k video. With Ustream capabilities, it enables video to be broadcast for live Vlogging on the go and in an instant.

The Ending

Whether new to Vlogging or a seasoned pro the 3 Best Vlogging Camera Ideas listed above will cover any of your needs and help you on your way to enjoyable Vlogging.

Things to talk about in a vlog

Don’t forget; this is your niche. You decide what goes in there

If you choose a right niche, your viewers will start to expect you talk about things in that area. However, within the realm of that topic, you can decide what goes in and what works for you. After all, your aim in your vlog is to demonstrate you have something interesting to say and your observations are backed up by an approach which is knowledgeable and informed.

What makes a good niche? A topic that you know about it is at the heart of it.

Here are some ideas that you can work with and adapt to fit your view of the world.


You can give your take on the news of the day or the week – depending on how frequently you are publishing a vlog episode. Don’t forget you are trying to illustrate how current affairs affect the topics of your vlog.


If it is a major global news story, don’t forget you may not be the first to comment. Staying on top of fast-moving stories is difficult. However, be consistent with your views and opinions.


If your vlog is a showcase for your music, then you will never run out of ideas. At least, as long as you continue to make music, you will always have something new to say. However, mix things around a little. Instead of delivering your music, tell people about your interests and motivations. What are the inspirations behind your music? Who are our heroes? What is the background to your newest work? Give people the back story.


Even the most mundane existence can be presented interestingly. So don’t be afraid just to tell people what’s going on in your world. If someone is watching your vlog, he or she is interested in you or your way of telling stories or your looks or your sounds. If that is the case, they will be eager to hear what’s been happening to you.



You may discover you are running out of material from time to time. It is hard work being creative in isolation! Here is the time to pull in your friends and get their slant on what you think. Get them involved.


Vlogging is a little like building a snow ball. You put some views out there in your latest episode and people comment – either for good or for bad. You can then use these observations to seed the next episode of your journey. Each vlog you publish will give you more ideas to talk about next time around. You never run out of inspiration. The snow never melts! Your hardest episode is the firs.After that it gets easy. Snowballs are easy to roll downhill.


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